Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About collection of personal information.

We're collecting personal information by 2 kinds of following way.

(1) Registration
When you inquire and use the form, (your name, mail address and the telephone number etc.) personal information is collected.

(2) Cookies
We use a cookie in collection of information.

About use of personal information.

A use goal of personal information is

  1. When we get your consent.
  2. When we observe the law.
  3. When your life, health and assets, etc. are protected.
  4. When we judge that we needed that.

But, when we use personal information besides the collection goal, I get your consent beforehand.

About elucidation of personal information.

We don't elucidate personal information for others without your agreement.

But, in the following case, we'll elucidate personal information.

When a legal engine (courthouse, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the police) requests your personal information, we'd elucidate your information for them.